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Counter Strike is one of those games fans are used to. The most popular version, 1.6, kept players with it, despite the release of subsequent improved versions. It’s the same with tournaments, which have been based on the same game update for a long time. Part of the community explained their attachment to mechanics, since the graphics themselves played a secondary role for them. Everything changed only with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Betting on Counter-Stike matches has been possible for a long time, but only this edition managed to beat 1.6 in popularity. CS: GO betting has become the norm for many bookmakers around the world. However, the links between bookmakers and the esports industry are not limited to match betting. Bookmakers not only create esports lines, but also actively support teams and individual players. An excellent example is the collaboration between eSports players and bookmakers, which allows the eSports industry to grow even more dynamically.

Esports betting. CS: GO

CS GO bettingSport evokes emotions not only among athletes. Watching your favorite sports and betting on matches can also give you an adrenaline rush. With the development of computers, esports has become one of the most popular sports categories. As with the classic games, you can also see the division into games that require skill or strategic thinking. Some titles combine more possibilities and are the source of a spectacular show that is hard to take your eyes off.

The origins of Counter Strike, or what do Half-Life and esports have in common?

Not all games looked the same in their original form, as did Counter Strike. At first it was just a modification of Half-Life, a first-person shooter game developed by Valve. Modders especially appreciated this innovative game, they created their own stories for it, more or less related to the main plot of the game. Some tried to do something new, but based on a proven engine – this is how Counter Strike was created. Before CS: GO betting became popular, the game went through many changes. Over the years, the modification has evolved into a full-fledged game played by fans of team shooters around the world. Valve’s support and the release of Counter Strike on Steam have made it easier to play online, which in turn has led to better team organization and clan battles. Counter Strike has come a long way, but the systematic bug fixes by the developers and the implementation of original solutions turned out to be a box office success – making the game became a way of life for many fans.

The path to CS: GO success is through collaboration with fans

One thing is for sure – the game would not have been a success if it weren’t for the close collaboration with the fans. The community created maps and suggested changes, and the initial imbalance did not stop anyone. In 2003, version 1.6 was released, which used the Half-Life engine, while remaining with a separate name. Team play has gradually become an integral part of many gaming events and conventions. The creators of Counter Strike have repeatedly talked about the cases when on a special community forum everyone could share their thoughts on the direction of the game’s development. Today, almost every artist invests in PR, but then this was not the norm.

CS: GO betting

Counter Strike is a game that breaks popularity records. But why did so many players start forming teams, training, and group fights? The key to success is well-balanced mechanics, which translate into fast matches and self-control of the difficulty of the game. The size of the map made it easy to remember the most important landmarks, which, in turn, made it possible to come up with various strategies.

The popularity of the game was quickly noticed by bookmakers. However, betting on CS: GO matches requires knowledge not only of the game itself, but also of the characteristics of individual teams and their playing style. Therefore, before placing bets on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in a bookmaker’s office, you should familiarize yourself with the specifics of individual teams and understand what exactly is at stake so that the bookmaker’s betting accuracy is as high as possible. Specialized portals and forums dedicated exclusively to Counter-Strike can be helpful.

Classic Counter Strike Modes Are Still Playable
Despite the meteoric success of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the change in ranked play, the classic CS 1.6 is still eagerly loaded by fans. Nostalgia attracts players of all ages, who are rediscovering simple rules – eliminating an opposing team or effectively obstructing a mission while respecting their own victory conditions. Each team has different goals, as is evident from the fact that terrorists and anti-terrorists face each other.

The main game modes in Counter Strike are predefined and each has a slightly different set of maps:

  • Hostage Rescue is a mode based on taking hostages from the hands of the opposing team. Anti-terrorists must not only rescue the kidnapped, but also escort them to safety. The match also ends when all opponents are killed;
  • The bomb is the so-called bomb defusal. The second mode is often associated with Counter Strike. Terrorists are trying to protect the bomb they planted, and anti-terrorists are trying to prevent the explosion at any cost. They can do this by defusing explosives or killing the opposing team;
  • Murder is a special forces escort mode. In order for the mission to end in favor of the counter-terrorists, they must deliver the VIP to the designated location. The death of the VIP means that the terrorists will win, so in this case they will have more opportunities to win quickly;
  • Escape – the task of the terrorists is to retreat to a certain point. Terrorists cannot buy weapons, and the only way to get them is by taking an item from a dead enemy or finding a storage room. Anti-terrorists must surround their opponents in such a way that they cannot effectively escape from the battlefield;

It is worth noting that the players tried in every possible way to cheat the game and used specially written scripts and tricks that greatly facilitated the win. The most popular of them are aimbots, speedhacks and wallhacks. The first allowed automatic aiming, in which the sight was directed to the point indicated by the player. The second significantly increased the speed of movement on the map, and the third allowed you to pass through walls. ESP was also popular as it provided a lot of information about the enemy (ammo amount, weapon type, remaining health) and allowed you to see through textures.

Using cheats in ranked matches is prohibited, and in order to join a tournament match you need to go through a security system that will block any potential cheater. The confidence that tournaments are held in a clear environment increases the excitement of CS: GO matches. CS: GO bets at the bookmaker are possible only if the bookmaker and the players are sure that the game is fair. This is why security is so important.

CS: GO betting – the path to success lies through a thorough knowledge of the game

Betting in CS: GO looks a little different than in sports, where wins are mostly random. Of course, we can never say that this is an accident, because in every sport we can identify the favorite who is best prepared. However, predicting the results of CS: GO matches can be very effective if we acquire the appropriate knowledge about individual teams and the game itself. Betting on CS: GO matches will be successful if we know for sure:

  • rules of the game;
  • the most common strategies on specific maps;
  • playing styles of the teams participating in the tournament.

The above knowledge allows us to develop intuition, which will be invaluable during quick matches and interesting actions, because we can easily conclude which team is worth betting on. Bookmakers are of a similar opinion and offer to gain experience by systematically reviewing the games that they often broadcast on their sites. Before you start betting on CS: GO, you should also play Counter-Strike yourself with friends.

CS: GO Tournament Games – New Rules

Not all modes known from the classic versions are available during the official tournaments. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive made changes to the graphics, engine and ranked play. The tournament mode consists of teams (five people) that fight each other for up to 30 rounds. A draw is impossible, in which case extra time is announced, which will ultimately determine the winning team. Terrorist and Counterterrorist sides are assigned randomly and after 15 rounds, there is a change.

Other modes available in CS: GO, but not included in the tournament:

  • simplified – an analogue of the tournament, but there are half the rounds;
  • deathmatch – all weapons are unlocked and the player is respawned immediately after death. The match lasts 10 minutes, the one with the most kills wins;
  • Arms Race – Assassination changes the player’s weapon for the better. The game ends when we kill the enemy with the best weapon;
  • demolka – just like in the arms race, killing the enemy gives us a better weapon, but other rules remain standard. In addition, the cards are much smaller, which forces the players to be more active;
  • flying scout – players are armed only with a knife and a rifle. In this mode, gravity is reduced, which allows you to jump high and far. The cards are small too.

Additionally, ranked games can still be played in Winger and Danger Zone modes. The former is reminiscent of the classic bomb defusal, while the latter is a typical battle royale – those who are the last on the battlefield wins.

CS: GO betting – how to get started?

The first step is to choose a suitable bookmaker, then you need to create an individual player account with this company and transfer funds to this account. Bookmakers also require proof of identity by sending a scan of an identity document. It is worth paying attention to whether the offer of the selected bookmaker includes the e-sports events we are interested in, because not every bookmaker has all the current competitions in its offer, especially if these are competitions of no higher level.

If you want to keep track of all the ongoing Counter Strike-related events, it is worth visiting the esports portals. Thanks to them, we will learn new tactics and get to know our favorite teams better, which will greatly simplify our ability to place bets on CS: GO.