Dota 2 bets

Dota 2 is the most popular esports in the world. The game’s main tournament, The International, has a prize that surpassed $ 34 million in 2019. But it’s not just professional players who can make money in Dota 2 competitions. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) betting at online bookmakers offers both casual fans and dedicated players the opportunity to profit from Dota 2 tournaments.

Dota2 betting siteThis introduction to Dota 2 betting has everything you need to get started. Before betting on the most popular esports in the world, start with the basics of the game itself, how to interpret the odds, and a few considerations that you should pay close attention to.

Dota 2 betting basics

Nothing is simple in Dota 2. Players and fans alike love the game for its complexity and nuance, the layered strategy required to be successful. You don’t need to understand every detail in order to bet on Dota 2, but you do need a solid understanding of the main challenges the game presents to the players.

Dota 2 Gameplay

Dota 2 matches consist of two teams of five players, each of which controls one of the game’s 119 characters. The task is to be the first to destroy the Ancient Building (Tower) of the other team – a large structure located on the fortified “bases”, which each team controls on opposite ends of the map. Dota 2 has a single map that houses both the players themselves and several other neutral computer-controlled characters called “creeps”. Players must confront both creeps and opposing characters,

Dota 2 map

All characters start the game relatively weak, gaining additional stability and abilities, collecting gold and “buffs” (advantages), defeating creeps and opponents. The game ends after the Ancient Tower is destroyed, but many competitive eSports matches use the under-three or under-five format.

Dota 2 character types

Each of the 119 characters that players can choose from have unique abilities and vulnerabilities, but in general they can be divided into two types that serve different strategic purposes.

Carries: They do most of the damage and create most of the action in Dota 2. They start each game very vulnerable, gaining strength and offensive firepower as the game progresses.

Supports: Supports play a more consistent but low-key role throughout the game, usually avoiding direct encounters and supporting their team’s carries with healing abilities and other “buffs” or benefits.

Each character is additionally defined by three attributes: strength, intelligence and agility. Each character stands out primarily with one of three. In Dota 2 games, you must consider the unique abilities of each character in addition to the skills of the players who control them.

Ways to place bets on Dota 2

Like most MOBA games, Dota 2 is a challenging competition with many different elements to bet on. Most esports betting sites allow you to bet on Dota 2 both before and during a match. Live betting is well suited for esports due to its progressive gameplay, but unpredictable in nature.

Winner Betting

Winner betting is the simplest form of esports betting. Just pick the team that you expect to win. Money line bets are usually offered on the outcome of a match as a whole or on individual games (sometimes called “cards”).

Handicap betting

Handicap betting allows you to level the playing field and find profitable bets on both sides of a one-sided Dota 2 match. By “giving” points to the loser and “taking” them from the favorite, the bookmaker can offer a choice of any team with equal or very close odds to them.

Tournaments using the best-of-three format will always have +/- 1.5 spread. The favorites will have 1.5 points (games won) deducted from their points at the end of the series, and the losers will have 1.5 points added to their result. In this scenario, the favorite must win a 2-0 streak to cover the handicap and provide winnings for the players.

In the best-of-five format used in The International Grand Finals (Dota 2’s biggest event), the handicap can be set to +/- 2.5, which again forces the favorite to win clean to cover the handicap. If the handicap is set to +/- 1.5, they can still cover by giving one round to the loser.

Total bets

If you’ve heard someone mention more, less for a sporting event, that speaks to the outcome of the match. When it comes to Dota 2, this type of bet usually only applies to tournaments that use the best-of format. Total bets require you to place a bet on whether the total number of games played, cards, will be “over” or “under” a predetermined number. For Dota 2 matches up to three wins, this result will always be 2.5. If you expect a 2-0 net result in the match, you need to take the total less. If you expect a closer 2: 1 result, take over. More variations can be seen in the grand finals, with a total set of 3.5 or 4.5.

Another Dota 2 unique “more, less” bet invites you to bet on the duration of one game or card. There is no set time limit in Dota 2 – games only end after the tower is destroyed, and could theoretically continue indefinitely – allowing some online betting sites to predict the number of minutes a match will last and ask you to take the top or bottom …

Proportional rates

Proportional bets are proposals for an element of the game that is not directly related to the final outcome. They vary greatly between matches and online bookmakers, but tend to focus on individual outcomes or very specific strategic elements of the game. Common examples include:

  • Who will shed the first blood?
  • Which team will get the most kills?
  • Which player will have the most kills?
  • Will the final score be odd or even?
  • Who will kill Roshan (a very capable creep) first?

Proportional bets work well with live in-game bets as they are easier to predict if you know which of the game’s 119 characters will be playing.

Results and future of Dota 2 tournaments

Unlike some other types of esports, professional Dota 2 is almost entirely based on individual tournaments. Futures betting requires you to predict the winner or finalists of these events ahead of time, rewarding you with better odds than you are willing to bet money before.

Lines will be available for major tournaments such as ONE world Pro Invitational and International in a few weeks or months. When placing bets on the outcome of a tournament, it all depends on the timing: in order to find the best value, you need to strike a balance between getting better odds early on and having enough information about the tournament and the participants to make a reasonable bet.

Dota 2 betting tips: the final say

Now that you understand the wide range of Dota 2 betting opportunities available, it’s time to find an online bookmaker with a lot of eSports offerings. After you sign up and make your first deposit, remember the following tips:

  • Play Dota 2 for yourself – nothing replaces hands-on experience and there is no excuse not to get it, given that Dota 2 is free to play online. Try it yourself to better understand the strategies used and the importance of character selection.
  • Pay special attention to the select and ban phase – when choosing characters for competitive tournaments, teams “choose” characters for their own squad, and also “ban” characters from entering the arena (playing for another team). Don’t ignore this process, as it will inform every element of the upcoming battle. Browse the most played and banned Dota 2 characters to find out which ones are most appreciated by the pros.

Once you’ve mastered the ins and outs of Dota 2 betting, consider expanding your horizons by placing bets in other MOBA games – betting on League of Legends and Overwatch is very similar to betting strategies on Dota 2.