Looking for esports betting tips to get started betting on games like Dota2, League of Legends or CS: GO?

Perhaps you are a seasoned sports bettor looking to explore new horizons for esports betting. Or perhaps you have been an avid eSports player or fan for many years and want to capitalize on your knowledge. In any case, you need to be well versed in both the games you are betting on and the specifics of sports betting in general.

Play the esports you bet on

The first tip for esports betting is not that important for those who are already a die-hard fan of the games they bet on. But regardless of your level of experience in the world of online gaming, playing the games you are betting on is the easiest and most effective way to gain a line edge. Esports has complex rules and a huge number of characters with unique abilities. You need to know all this information in order to effectively determine handicap and bet on professional matches. The fastest way to learn all the subtleties is to experience them first hand.

Every esports you can bet on is also available to play online. Most of them are available for free, and you can always watch a few matches on Twitch if you don’t want to start playing right away.

In addition to a comprehensive understanding of the rules, game modes, and hero or character classes, gaining some personal experience with games will help you understand the rhythm and flow of a typical match. This knowledge can be especially useful when betting Live on esports.

Understand the odds and seek the best value for money

Even if you are already an esports expert, gaming knowledge is useless for betting if you don’t understand odds and betting options. If you are unfamiliar with bet lines or do not use them to calculate implied odds and payouts, take the time to read a sports betting guide.

Comparing the odds offered at different bookmakers or “lines” is also an important betting tip to keep in mind.

Winner Betting

Winner betting offers you to choose the winner of a map, match or tournament right away. Simply select the winner correctly and your bet will be cashed out according to the odds provided. Winner betting is great for its simplicity, but remember to carefully consider the odds and expected value. Constantly betting on line favorites is rarely a winning strategy.

Total esports betting

If you are familiar with the term “over or under”, then you are familiar with betting on total. This type of bet is an attractive option for those who do not support one side but are firmly convinced of the potential duration and competitiveness of the match being bet on. When it comes to esports, you will be asked to place a bet on whether the match will have a certain number of rounds, cards, etc., pre-determined by the bookmaker.

Handicap betting

Handicap lines are used to level the playing field in eSports where one side has an edge over the other. By “giving” points to the loser, the handicap allows players to choose either side of the bet with relatively equal odds.

For example, League of Legends matches are usually best-of-three. Thus, bookmakers may offer a +/- 1.5 handicap, which means that the team with the advantage will have 1.5 points (round won) deducted from their final result. This means that you can profit by supporting the loser if he only wins one of the three rounds.

Whichever type of esports betting you like best, be sure to compare the odds in several places before starting the game. Your bank will grow faster in the long run.

There are countless esports threads on Reddit, dedicated to esports betting or simply discussing upcoming tournaments and events. With so much fan engagement, these forums can be a great place to get some internal knowledge about matches that you might otherwise miss out on.