Looking for esports betting tips to get started betting on games like Dota2, League of Legends or CS: GO?

Online e-sports betting at a bookmaker’s office by popular disciplines
Esports includes different disciplines – first person shooters, sports simulations and MOBA games. For such games, LAN and online tournaments are held on the Internet. Let’s consider the most popular disciplines among betters.

Esports Betting

Sports betting is a form of entertainment where a player can place bets on the victory of their favorite sports team. The game can bring not only material benefits, but also a huge amount of adrenaline and experience. More and more often in the offer of bookmakers there are bets on the mysterious sounding “eSports”. What is eSports and what games can you bet on at bookmakers?
What is eSports? It all started with the advent of computer games!
Esports today is one of the most profitable areas. However, before electronic entertainment reached its current popularity, it was most often associated with enthusiasts who spent all their time in front of a monitor or role-playing games. The story began with Pong and Space Invaders, which spread to homes and allowed you to practice your reflexes under your own roof. The next big step was the emergence of the Internet, which made it possible to play with others without leaving a cozy room. It was then that such popular and timeless games as Quake, Warcraft, Diablo and Counter-Strike were created. It should be emphasized that eSports is primarily a team game, and teams prepare for decisive matches in the same way as professional athletes. Keeping track of this training facilitates sports betting. Esports and the results of fights are predictable if we can effectively analyze the actions of the players.

Esports is increasingly appearing on the market

Bookmakers don’t see potential in all video games. The clashes are spectacular, and the efficiency and level of the players are growing every year. To prevent the gameplay from becoming boring and repetitive, the maps change slightly from time to time (usually with the start of a new season). This procedure forces teams to change tactics and develop new strategies for navigating maps. The largest eSports tournaments gather not only professional players who train for a long time, but also their fans. Fans of virtual wrestling follow the actions of their idols, and also take advantage of the opportunity to place bets on matches.

Esports and Sports Competitions – Fun or Work?

Esports is a whole industry of business and investing in a player. Just like in the office, players need comfortable positions and good hygiene at work. A mouse, keyboard, chair, and height-adjustable monitor are just basic needs. Professional eSports teams often have investors who provide them with everything that can improve their level of preparation. Bookmakers are also actively contributing to the development of the modern discipline as esports are systematically supported by bookmakers. In addition, the promotion of games directly contributes to the popularity of the games themselves.

Esports betting

E-sports competitions are held on a large scale. However, the first of these occurred in relation to other events. The most famous are those that were organized in conjunction with the DreamHack convention, where the Guinness World Record was broken at the largest LAN event in the world. A little later, the popularity of e-sports increased so much that each of the games had its own championship, the elimination of which was played all over the world. Esports betting has accompanied the matches from the very beginning, and the favorites have been dizzying.

The more actively the market develops, the more opportunities betters have. Esports games have received players all over the world, and online championships attract millions of viewers. The famous events of the Electronic Sports League include tournaments for the most current types of Esport or separate areas – the Overwatch League and the League of Legends World Championship. The most successful players are offered thousands of US dollars in prize money.

Sports Features

Popular esports competitions include different genres – online strategy, shooters, arcades and others. People who are even slightly interested in the gaming world know about Counter Strike, StarCraft, Dota 2, LoL. In addition to exciting competitions, eSports is in demand among bettors.

Esport newbies have a hard time understanding how the esport world works. The idea of ​​making money by betting on computer games seems even more incomprehensible. But most of the games that are somehow related to esports are free. New players can learn about the plot, basic parameters and terms of the game in order to improve their experience in the discipline they like.

The best esports games

Let’s take a look at the most popular esports games


There is one game that everyone associates with the birth of esports – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is a first-person shooter game that is at the forefront of the sport. The main idea is the struggle between 2 teams of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an iconic shooter that first saw the light of day in 1999. Initially, it was not a full-fledged stand-alone game, but worked as a mod for Half-Life. Subsequent versions turned CS: GO into a separate game, but using the old engine. Why is the game so appreciated by fans? Players and bookmakers alike agree that no shooter game offers such a rich and varied gaming experience. Counter-Strike: GO has several modes that differ from each other not only in terms of the map, but also require the use of different tactics and a change of strategy among the players.

CS: GO game modes differ from each other, and the final gameplay of the tournament reveals the best of them. While watching the matches, we probably met with:

  • hostage rescue – CS: GO mode in which anti-terrorists are trying to rescue hostages held by terrorists. Of course, the latter are trying at all costs to protect their base from attacks. The game ends when all the hostages are free, the game time ends, or all players on the same team die;
  • bomb defusal – Counter-Strike mode in which terrorists must plant a bomb. They are hindered by anti-terrorists, who can also defuse the planted explosives, but have a limited time for this. Counter-Terrorists win if the terrorist team is destroyed or the bomb is defused before the timer expires;
  • murder – a mode in which anti-terrorists accompany an important person to a designated point. The match ends when the VIP is safely delivered or the terrorists take over (death of the VIP or counter-terrorist team).

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has collected many awards since its inception and remained at the top of the rankings. The popularity of the game grew like a snowball – people playing Counter Strike online attracted their friends to the game, and they, in turn, showed the name to other players.

The popularity of Counter-Strike: GO is complemented by the use of the game in many leagues and international tournaments. The battles of professional CS: GO players can be admired, among other things, at:

  • ESL is an international league of computer games. Esports competitions are held in dozens of countries, and nearly a million players register to compete in qualifying games. It is worth knowing that the matches are held at different levels of development: ESL Open, ESL Major and ESL Pro. The former has no preconditions, the next has entry requirements, and the ESL Pro tournament has a strictly limited number of seats and a huge prize pool. Counter-Strike is a team game in which everyone has their own favorites and favorite strategy;
  • Intel Extreme Masters is an international esports tournament, the final of which takes place in Katowice. Spodek has become the site of a legendary fight, attracting fans and the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players from around the world;
  • Electronic Sports World Cup – The World Computer Games Championship associated with France. You can advance to the finals through national competitions held in different locations around the world. As with previous esports competitions, there are dedicated Counter-Strike fans here. Sports betting is proof of this as it is easy to see the accumulation of amounts across the ever-growing number of coupons.

The tournament game mode in Counter-Strike: GO is based on a 30 round game. In professional tournaments, there is no possibility of a tie, as extra time is spent after each tournament until both sides determine the winning result of the match. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranking system is based on the elo chess ranking, which calculates the strength of the players and places them in relation to the points accumulated in one of 18 ranks.

Live streaming and sports betting

Many fans enjoy not only playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but also watching professional matches. Thanks to them, they can improve their tactics and learn CS: GO strategies. Game tracking is also recommended for people planning to bet on eSports at bookmakers, as knowing the current position of eSports teams makes it easier to bet profitably.

Counter Strike can be a great opportunity for bettors trying to make money from their favorite players or teams in international tournaments, including IEM Katowice, ESL Pro League and Blast Premier. To place bets correctly, you need to learn to understand the ranks and ranks in the game. They are awarded to all gamers for specific merit.


Dota2 betting siteThe new version of Dota is modernized and looks much better than the first version (Valve developers have worked on the graphics). The essence of the game is a battle between two teams 5 x 5, where you need to destroy the enemy crystal / tree. Some of the players take the light side, and the other – the dark. Gamers control one of their units (hero). In the course of the game, you can gain experience, which helps to pump skills and abilities.

Dota 2 is a free-to-play game created by Valve Corporation and the first game created with the Source 2 engine. Moreover, it is the successor to the cult Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Like other games in the MOBA genre, Dota 2 offers multiplayer gameplay in which the main goal of the players is to destroy the enemy’s fortifications. The course of the fight depends on the heroes chosen by the players. Each of them has different characteristics and skills, which are reflected in different strategies. In addition, the game has special items that allow teleportation at any time, invisibility, increasing hero statistics, restoring health points, and much more.

Dota 2 is considered to be more difficult than LoL, mainly due to its less intuitive controls. However, minor flaws did not prevent Dota from achieving success, and soon after the presentation, she was nominated for “Game of the Year” and “Best Esports Game”. Additionally, Dota 2 broke the Steam popularity record in 2013. It was played simultaneously by 330,000 players. Soon after 2 years, the record was broken again, exceeding one million active players at the same time.

As with other MOBA games, match betting is very popular. Esports and Dota 2 are the perfect combination. Knowing tactics and strategy allows you to quickly see which team has the advantage, but there are also unexpected twists and turns that effectively increase the adrenaline of viewers and all those betting on sports events.

Localized esports in different languages. On the one hand, it has become more convenient, since there is no difference between the Turkish, South Korean and Russian versions. But on the other hand, each language has its own slang, which is difficult to translate using ordinary “Google”.

Both versions of Dota are incredibly popular and admired by fans. The second part of the eSports discipline has earned special recognition, as it is considered the most streamed game on Steam. Gamers have made a lot of effort to join the Dota Major Championships and The International Grand Final. Talented esports teams such as Team Secret, Evil Geniuses and Virtus Pro are competing for a multi-million dollar prize. The International’s existing prize pool is over $ 40 million.

StarCraft: Broodwar – Legendary Game

StarCraft: Broodwar is a game commonly associated with Korean gamers who click with true virtuosity and near-incredible speed. It’s also worth mentioning that StarCraft: Broodwar is an expansion pack for StarCraft released in 1998. Over the years, improvements have been made to the gameplay, additional units and maps. In 2017, the game went free and was replaced by version 1.18. The popularity of StarCraft: Broodwar has meant that professional players and sports leagues have gathered around this game. The tactical and visual potential makes the game a sight to behold. It should be added that the matches are broadcast live with commentary. StarCraft: Broodwar is a classic game with huge athletic potential and worth exploring.

Call of Duty is an esports and realistic shooter, the perfect combination

Call of Duty is a game that is different from the regular sports games that most people are used to. The shooter is set in the realities of war, and the emphasis is on cooperation with allies. The realism of Call of Duty adds spice. Watching the gameplay feel like you’re in the middle of the action, especially as the graphics and special effects level up from release to release.

Call of Duty also has a pro eSports league where the best teams of players can battle it out for the title of champions and huge prizes with a total pool of millions of dollars. Fans of professional games cannot complain about boredom. A typical legal bookmaker often offers bets on Call of Duty matches, which allows fans of this game to experience additional emotions.

Overwatch is the fastest esports action game

Overwatch is Blizzard’s hit shooter with fast gameplay and colorful graphics. These two features were enough to differentiate it from other competing games of this type. Overwatch premiered in 2016. The game was very warmly received by the fans waiting for it. In the same year, Blizzard announced that it was its best-selling game, and in the UK, Overwatch remained in the top 10 for a long time on all platforms.

As with other team games, Overwatch boasts a league and seasonal competition. The superhero skills available in the game make the game very enjoyable to watch. The battles are extremely dynamic, and the skill level of the team can be easily determined by paying attention to the skill level of the characters and the interaction with the rest of the team.

League of Legends

In short, the game League of Legends is called LoL in the world of esports. She is also listed in the TOP disciplines on which betters are in a hurry to place bets. LoL matches make a big difference to the audience, and the championship streak becomes a special highlight on the fan calendar. The number of LoL eSports fans is growing.

League of Legends is the most popular MOBA game. Modeled after the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne – DotA modification. The gameplay was meant to be simple and easy to learn, so joining the game shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Each hero had a different story to tell and had a significant impact on the League of Legends universe. The very idea of ​​the game originated in the minds of the creators at the end of 2005, and in 2009 players from all over the world could enjoy it. LoL was warmly received not only by its rapidly growing fan base, but also by critics, as evidenced by the high average of the aggregator ratings. League of Legends won the 2011 Best Free Game category.

Gamers play as heroes who are commonly called “champions”. By killing your opponents, you can get the highest level of passing the game. At the same time, gamers receive gold even for being in the game. But if you kill bots, destroy towers, then they give more money. Thanks to the funds received, you can buy equipment and improvements that will allow you to pump faster.
In 2013, LoL took over the esports regions of North America and Europe with the introduction of the League Championship Series. It is already a professional league with 2 separate competitions. Each region brings together ten professional gaming teams fighting to be named the best LoL player of all time.

The winner’s prize fund is one million dollars. Betters can place bets on their favorite leagues – NAL CS / EUL CS, LCK, LPL, LMS, CBLoL, LVP, TPL and others. If you wish, you can support the strongest players – G2, Cloud 9, Fnatic.
With the growing number of League of Legends players, the number of global matches has skyrocketed, and the in-game World Cup has become the most watched esports event in history. The final was watched by over 30 million viewers, which is a great success.

Rainbow 6

Rainbow Six is ​​a game known for being based on the prose of Tom Clancy. In addition, the game is characterized by the fact that the environment is destructible, which intensifies emotions during the struggle of special units. Rainbow Six Siege’s multiplayer modes are similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive modes. We have bomb disposal, rescue of a captured hostage and protection of the territory, which consists in the seizure of the designated territory by one of the teams. The weapon and defense content is impressive. In Rainbow Six, we will not only see typical pistols, shotguns and rifles, but also explosives, drones, armor plates, traps, Venetian mirrors, spikes and more.

The first matches were played in Poland in 2016 on the occasion of Intel Extreme Masters. The championship finals themselves were organized in Cologne during the famous PAX East fair. Competition prize pools can be significant, with the first being $ 150,000. The ability to destroy the environment and original action also draws audiences to Rainbow Six Siege. In addition, fans have the option to place bets on matches where their favorite teams are taking part.

A tactical shooter that’s on par with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, rivaling the giant of the genre in terms of gameplay and strategy. The game has been released since 1998 by the developers Ubisoft Montreal, but quickly found its fans all over the world.

The new version of Rainbow Six Siege was introduced in 2015. To start the game, you need to select a special mode. If this is the “Hostage”, then the defenders will have to protect the hostage from the attackers. The “Safe Zone” should confront intruders who are looking for biohazard weapons. In the “Bomb” version, you cannot allow opponents to activate one of the bombs placed in the building. The prize pool for this game in 2020 exceeded $ 3 million.


While developing the new game for FIFA, EA Sports has focused more on competitive esports. And FIFA 20 is a great example of this. The game has been optimized and more tournaments have appeared. It was released at the end of 2019, and immediately entered the schedule of many major esports events.

EA Sports has been one of the driving forces behind FIFA’s largest esports tournament, the FIFA20 Global Series. This is a series of events held throughout the calendar year, featuring the best FIFA players to date. The ultimate goal of participation is to qualify for the final season of the FIFA eWorld Cup.

To do this, players must first play a number of other tournaments:

  • FUT Champions Verified.
  • FUT Champions Cups.
  • FIFA League Qualifying Tournaments.
  • FIFA eChampions League.
  • FIFA Majors.
  • FIFA Global Series Playoffs.

The best professional players from different countries take part in the three-day Grand Final tournament.

NBA 2K20

When people talk about the existence of real sports in the virtual world, not only FIFA comes to mind. NBA 2K20 is the 21st edition of the NBA2K series. It is essentially a simulated basketball game based on real-life teams from the NBA franchise. The game was first published by the Japanese company Sega in 1999, before the franchise was handed over to specialist developer 2K Sports in 2005. It is a fast-paced and accurate basketball simulator that has gained a loyal following over the years.

The launch of the game was an important step in the development and dissemination of information about the National Basketball Association. Since then, the discipline has created 19 major issues and several additional ones. In addition to the individual championships, 2K Sports also operates the NBA2K league. This is the first time America’s professional sports league has entered the world of esports.

The teams are run directly by the NBA franchises, and each has five esports players. The league started in 2018, which means there is a lot of information available before the start of each championship about the performance of teams. This makes it easier for players to analyze recent results and gives confidence in their bets.

For the 2020 tournament, thousands of players participated in qualifying events (NBA 2K League Qualifier, NBA 2K League Combine, NBA 2K League European Invitational, and NBA 2K League APAC Invitational). The most recent NBA 2K20 Players-Only event featured 16 players and matches were streamed on ESPN. The prize fund was equal to $ 100 thousand, which the winner donated to a charitable organization to fight against coronavirus.

The NBA 2K 2020 league expanded from 21 teams to 23, and was joined by two new teams, Gen.G Tigers (based in Shanghai) and Hornets Venom GT (based in Charlotte).

NHL 20

A pause in the 2019-2020 NHL season. due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hockey fans and players around the world have not placed any bets for more than three months. Instead, a virtual alternative was created with simulated NHL 20 games. With EA Sports and NHL 20, fans can now bet on simulated Sports Sims events.

NHL 20 is not the NBA Jam or NFL Blitz, but the most realistic (as possible) version of what you see on the ice. This means that teams are ranked based on how good they are in the NHL. For example, The Bruins, Capitals, Lightning and Penguins are strong teams in the game.

The biggest criticism of NHL 20 is that it has too many game modes. There are about 13 different mods out there, and the site’s poor menu interface means you may never try some of them. Loading speed between some menu items can make it difficult to learn the game.

Spike Volleyball

During the pandemic, virtual sports are actively developing, which is reflected in the bookmaker’s line. Recently, bettors started making bets on Spike Volleyball – cyber volleyball.

This discipline is in its infancy, so only friendly matches are held there. But only the best players take part there, so there are no “one-club” matches. Exhibition matches are held every day, where the game is controlled by a computer.

StarCraft II

An online sci-fi strategy game, the first version of which was developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998. The bottom line is that 2 gamers fight each other, collect resources (minerals and gas), train, build structures, hire labor and train their armies. Players can play for one of the races – zerg, terrans and protoss, each of which has its own characteristics, has unique military units, its own game tactics and buildings.

This game also helped create esports the way we see it today. The most significant competitions took place in South Korea. The prize fund in some championships in this discipline amounted to almost $ 500,000.

The most significant tournaments in StarCraft II are named:

  • TeamLiquid StarCraft League.
  • The North American Star League.
  • World Championship Series.

The last WCS tournament is Blizzard’s gaming league. It is divided into 3 distinct regions around the world. WCS points are awarded to gamers in each region. Only 16 players get to the main final, who fight among themselves for the prize fund.

Hearthstone – card game

Hearthstone is a collectible card game for mobile devices and computers. The game debuted in 2014 and a year later boasted a large number of players – the total number of accounts reached 40 million. Hearthstone offers several game modes, from classic multiplayer skirmishes or AI to ranked games. For skirmishes to suit the player, you must collect game currency inside, which can then be exchanged for new sets of cards that make up entire decks. Cards in Hearthstone have different functions and are divided into spells, weapons, quests, heroes, and minions. In addition, the character chosen by the player has a special ability that can often throw the scales in his favor. It is worth noting that each card has a specific cost to use and must be controlled in such a way that there is enough energy for the planned moves. It is not only chess that develops strategic thinking; esports plays a huge role in this.

Hearthstone may not be the most entertaining game, but it can defend itself with amazing gameplay. In addition, the title quickly entered esports. The first Hearthstone World Championship was held at the developer’s BlizzCon 2014 event. Moreover, eSports tournaments are organized on the occasion of the Electronic Sports League. A good balance of characters and cards, as well as a great balance between randomness and player decisions, put Hearthstone in the first place among virtual card games. A keen observer can guess what tactics the playmakers are using, which increases the odds of betting in a duel.

Hearthstone eSports Events

Hearthstone eSports kicked off with the first ever game tournament hosted by Blizzard Entertainment, which took place in November at BlizzCon 2013 Innkeeper’s Invitational. Fans could also watch the two-day competition on Twitch.tv.

Hearthstone eSport has the following structure:

  • Masters Qualifiers.
  • Masters Tour.

The first is online events that take place every week. The winners of this stage move on to the second. The Masters Tour will bring the best Hearthstone players into action in 2020 for a massive $ 250,000 prize pool that Blizzard can increase. Another equally important tournament is the Hearthstone World Championship, which was first held back in 2014.

Rocket League – a combination of football and racing

Rocket League is an unusual sports game because its idea is based on a combination of racing and football. The player’s task is to drive the car so that he has time to score the ball into the goal. The action seems simple, and that’s what amused the players on the day it was released. In addition, Rocket League has festive game modes that diversify the fun, as well as the ability to use modifiers that change the rules and the appearance of the field. The extremely addictive multiplayer mode resulted in the game being downloaded over 2 million times a few days after its premiere. Also, professional players noticed Rocket League, which significantly enriched esports. The game joined the Electronic Sports League and the first games started in the year of the premiere.

Rocket League betting is interesting. The game is so dynamic that anything can happen, regardless of the tactics set by the experts.

Fortnite – Battle Royale, Fort Building & Esports

Fortnite is a multiplayer battle royale game based on the survival simulator Fortnite: Save the World. Initially, the gameplay was supposed to reflect the attacks of zombies and hide from them in makeshift bases. However, after the first successes of PUBG, the creators created an additional mode that hit the bull’s eye. Fortnite was so successful in its year of premiere that Epic Games focused on the Battle Royale mode. The large color map and game attracted more and more fans. The systematic battles pushed Fortnite into the interest of the pros, who learned how to effectively build fortifications in the blink of an eye. Like other popular shooters, Fortnite has become one of the most popular esports games – 100 players competed for the cup in a 2019 tournament with a total prize pool of £ 24 million. Can Fortnite matches be seen at bookmakers? Of course, because it is one of the most popular games offered by legal bookmakers.

Bookmakers increasingly support esports

Sports betting has been around for years, but esports is just picking up steam. Any sponsorship works for the benefit of virtual entertainment. Many bookmakers not only offer eSports in their line, but also directly support electronic activities. Some of them enter into agreements with esports players that work for the benefit of both parties. Professional gamers are esports ambassadors and educate those who aren’t sure yet. In turn, bookmakers finance training and travel to competitions for players. The positive effect for the esports industry is the additional popularization of games.

What do we have?

Esports betting is extremely popular these days. In addition, unlike classic sports, esports matches sometimes offer even more intense encounters that carry a huge dose of adrenaline. The final games, in which players move their characters with true virtuosity, deliver the most emotion. Watching esports is an eye-catcher that is hard to come by. Sports betting enthusiasts usually have their favorite games and know all the popular teams as well as their tactics – nothing escapes their watchful eyes. Details play a huge role in esports.

Newcomers to esports betting don’t need to worry about where to look for information, the bookmaker often provides basic betting information on their website, and it is worth gathering knowledge of esports-related strategies by watching the championship qualifying rounds. Games are streamed live over the internet, making digital entertainment easier for everyone to access.

Play the esports you bet on

The first tip for esports betting is not that important for those who are already a die-hard fan of the games they bet on. But regardless of your level of experience in the world of online gaming, playing the games you are betting on is the easiest and most effective way to gain a line edge. Esports has complex rules and a huge number of characters with unique abilities. You need to know all this information in order to effectively determine handicap and bet on professional matches. The fastest way to learn all the subtleties is to experience them first hand.

Every esports you can bet on is also available to play online. Most of them are available for free, and you can always watch a few matches on Twitch if you don’t want to start playing right away.

In addition to a comprehensive understanding of the rules, game modes, and hero or character classes, gaining some personal experience with games will help you understand the rhythm and flow of a typical match. This knowledge can be especially useful when betting Live on esports.

Understand the odds and seek the best value for money

Even if you are already an esports expert, gaming knowledge is useless for betting if you don’t understand odds and betting options. If you are unfamiliar with bet lines or do not use them to calculate implied odds and payouts, take the time to read a sports betting guide.

Comparing the odds offered at different bookmakers or “lines” is also an important betting tip to keep in mind.

Winner Betting

Winner betting offers you to choose the winner of a map, match or tournament right away. Simply select the winner correctly and your bet will be cashed out according to the odds provided. Winner betting is great for its simplicity, but remember to carefully consider the odds and expected value. Constantly betting on line favorites is rarely a winning strategy.

Total esports betting

If you are familiar with the term “over or under”, then you are familiar with betting on total. This type of bet is an attractive option for those who do not support one side but are firmly convinced of the potential duration and competitiveness of the match being bet on. When it comes to esports, you will be asked to place a bet on whether the match will have a certain number of rounds, cards, etc., pre-determined by the bookmaker.

Handicap betting

Handicap lines are used to level the playing field in eSports where one side has an edge over the other. By “giving” points to the loser, the handicap allows players to choose either side of the bet with relatively equal odds.

For example, League of Legends matches are usually best-of-three. Thus, bookmakers may offer a +/- 1.5 handicap, which means that the team with the advantage will have 1.5 points (round won) deducted from their final result. This means that you can profit by supporting the loser if he only wins one of the three rounds.

Whichever type of esports betting you like best, be sure to compare the odds in several places before starting the game. Your bank will grow faster in the long run.

There are countless esports threads on Reddit, dedicated to esports betting or simply discussing upcoming tournaments and events. With so much fan engagement, these forums can be a great place to get some internal knowledge about matches that you might otherwise miss out on.


When it comes to eSports betting, you need to make sure you are betting with a reputable operator who is trustworthy and offers a transparent betting process from start to finish. This will allow you to bet on eSports games with good odds, track tournaments in real time and win money.

Perhaps you are a seasoned sports bettor looking to explore new horizons for esports betting. Or perhaps you have been an avid eSports player or fan for many years and want to capitalize on your knowledge. In any case, you need to be well versed in both the games you are betting on and the specifics of sports betting in general.